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Hope Farm or rather Chocolate De Veras is at a trade show this weekend at the capital, Tegucigalpa. Job and Arnold did an amazing job with the display!


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Bubby said, "This is you and this is me."


Comment by Brittany Foster made at 2017-07-08 18:06:24:
Oh my gosh! Precious.

Date Posted: 2017-07-08 16:25:37

Without a doubt we have been cared for here in Honduras. I have taken photos of the food that has been shared with us for our dinners - meals that have carried over to lunches and midnight snacks. It has been a huge blessing. I have not had to stick my head in Del Coral, where I know so many will have questions and love to share. I will get there soon. With each meal we have received hugs, care, and love. We sit as a family and enjoy each other's presence, thankful for the generosity of our friends that are as family here in the Hondo.
This is a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Brittany Foster, she lovingly coordinated the meals. I didn't get a photo of the WEEKEND WORTH of food that you shared with us, and for that I am sorry. But we are so grateful. So grateful. Thank you for stepping in and doing what a family member would do. Thank you Brittany. You know I am crying! Thank you.