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re: Doing the hard by Mark on 5/03 In all fairness, your bike is stuck on the highest gear as the cable is broken. Nice use
Doing the hard by Paula on 5/03 (1) If this post causes people to stop giving to the children, I will remove it.
Wet by Mark on 4/19 Praise the Lord for what looks like an early rainy season! We can't stop watching, and smelling, the rain.
re: Forest Fire 2016 by Kelly Bamford on 4/12 Happy Birthday Mark!! Rick B
No, I'm good. by Mark on 4/06 These days, when offering something to someone, I often here the response "No, I'm good.&quo
Forest Fire 2016 by Mark on 4/05 (1) After a poor year of rain, the fires began early this year. The good news is that most of the
Thinking by Paula on 4/03 Today I was thinking about something (shocking, right?). In a previous journal I wrote, "We usual
re: Prayer request by Mrs. Kellie on 4/02 Praying for you! Let us know how it goes!

Hope Farm Honduras Blog

Honduras orphanage for Jesus
Honduras orphanage for Jesus

    Ministry Opportunities

  • Do you have a desire to help the poor learn to learn a trade and feed themselves?
  • Do you have a trade skill that might be useful in a country like Honduras?
  • Masonry, carpentry, furniture construction, electronics repair, auto mechanics, tailoring, plumbing... There are many skills that could mean the difference between a life of poverty and a life of prosperity and helping others. Could you share a month or more to teach your skills? Please let us know how you can help the needy.
  • Do you have a heart for children? Do you have education or experience with children from difficult lives? Perhaps the Lord is calling you to a short mission trip or more. Tell us about it.

Chocolate, In English

Much has happened since our last post, and possibly some of you have reached this site by reading the label on our candy, or brownie mix. We are alive, well and busier than ever with this little venture. We are waiting for our sanitation license to finalize, but are making progress anyway. We gave samples […]

Cosecha de Cacao Copan

Estamos esperando ansiosamente un nuevo cargamento de cacao de Copan! Esta semana uno de nuestros proveedores está cosechando. Después de la cosecha, el cacao debe ser fermentado y secado, un proceso que tomará tres semanas en total. Una vez seco, el cacao se embolsó y se entrega en la que debe someterse a una gran […]

Honduras orphanage for Jesus
Honduras orphanage for Jesus


A picture's worth a thousand words, come see many thousands...
Honduras orphanage for Jesus

Current Needs

Housing and House Parents

Please pray that the Lord would send construction teams and couples that love children. If you've ever felt a tugging on your heart to help orphans, don't deny the Father's call. This is your chance.

Hope Farm Honduras Blog