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Pardon our Dust by Mark on 5/09 While we try and make this web site a bit more mobile friendly. Figured it was time to try and
Book by Mark on 5/07 From time to time, such as last night, I am asked if I am writing another book yet. As a matter of fact, I
Aging by Mark on 5/06 (1) Thankfully whenthe time our ears stop working, we realize that we've just about heard it all anyway. Now
Doing the hard by Paula on 5/03 (1) If this post causes people to stop giving to the children, I will remove it.
Wet by Mark on 4/19 Praise the Lord for what looks like an early rainy season! We can't stop watching, and smelling, the rain.
No, I'm good. by Mark on 4/06 These days, when offering something to someone, I often here the response "No, I'm good.&quo
Forest Fire 2016 by Mark on 4/05 (1) After a poor year of rain, the fires began early this year. The good news is that most of the
Thinking by Paula on 4/03 Today I was thinking about something (shocking, right?). In a previous journal I wrote, "We usual