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Winnowing by Mark on 7/21 (1) "
Test Batch 130/70/8 by Mark on 7/18 (2) It's time to get a little scientific on the chocolate. Right now I am making what a chocola
Magic Shell by Mark on 7/17 (1) I can make it. Yeah, this stuff:
Honduran Refugees - by Mark on 7/16 Honduras makes the news on occasion and it's rare that the news is ever good, then again,
Attack of the Killer by Mark on 7/16 It's been awhile now, a few years, so this is more of fond memory than a source of shame.
More Chocolate Chron by Mark on 7/15 (1) Pastor Philip of the Mennonite Church, is the man with the only dedicated coffee roasting
Recent goings ons by Paula on 7/13 Sometimes I have so much to share I just don't. Sometimes I have so much to share it all soun
Walter visit by Paula on 7/13 Everybody loves for Walter, our oldest, to visit. Right now he is in class in Tegucigalpa, at the

Honduras orphanage for Jesus
Honduras orphanage for Jesus

    Ministry Opportunities

  • Do you have a desire to help the poor learn to learn a trade and feed themselves?
  • Do you have a trade skill that might be useful in a country like Honduras?
  • Masonry, carpentry, furniture construction, electronics repair, auto mechanics, tailoring, plumbing... There are many skills that could mean the difference between a life of poverty and a life of prosperity and helping others. Could you share a month or more to teach your skills? Please let us know how you can help the needy.
  • Do you have a heart for children? Do you have education or experience with children from difficult lives? Perhaps the Lord is calling you to a short mission trip or more. Tell us about it.
Honduras orphanage for Jesus
Honduras orphanage for Jesus


A picture's worth a thousand words, come see many thousands...
Honduras orphanage for Jesus

Current Needs

Housing and House Parents

Please pray that the Lord would send construction teams and couples that love children. If you've ever felt a tugging on your heart to help orphans, don't deny the Father's call. This is your chance.